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30 things to do during Corona times

As we have passed day 30 of lockdown a long time ago (my god), it is getting more and more difficult to find occupations. But I am determined not to let you languish in boredom! Here are 30 things you can do from home to keep a positive mindset during Corona times.

  1. Brew your own beer

Yes, this list will be filled with weird and unexpected things. But why not brew your own beer and see if you can master one of the most important skills in the world of alcohol? You can order your starting kit here.

2. Craft something for Mother's day

Mother's day is almost coming up! You can still order some gifts online but making them can be even more fun for you and authentic for your mom because it is made with your crafty hands. Find some ideas here.

3. Create your own postcard with memories to send to your friends.

Always nice to connect with someone you haven't seen for a while. And what better way to do so than creating your own postcard with photos of your best memories together. Create your own postcards here.

4. Do a cooking theme-night! (DUTCH: of een eigen komen-eten a la Family)

Cook something from another country, decorate your table accordingly and put on some typical music! Your family can even give you an overall score and each week someone else from your family is cooking. Who will have the best score?

5. Create a throwback video from your best memories

You can easily create a video on your phone in just a few minutes. Take some footage of your best memories and create your video in the QUICK mobile App or use Magisto.

6. Family movie night without fighting over which movie

Everyone writes down 10 movies that they want to watch during the lockdown on a little piece of paper. Fold those papers in two and put them in a bowl. Next time you want to watch a movie all together, chose 1 paper from the bowl and that will be the winning movie of the night.

7. Take an online class (not the classic ones)

You have so many online courses! You can opt for a language or a marketing skill but you can also learn so many strange yet useful classes like e.g. Reupholster a Gispen chair with clamps or learn everything about special beers. Find all the online classes on Udemy and tell me which one you would like.

8. Take a virtual tour of a museum

You can do those of Google arts nowadays. A lot of popular museums offer their info and virtual tours there.

9. Teach yourself the art of calligraphy

You have so many Youtube videos for this! Always nice to just take up a pencil and blow all your friends away with your new mad calligraphy skill.

10. Create your own face mask

There are so may natural recipes! This is a good website to start but you have tons of Youtube videos on how to make your own mask. Note that I mean the cream not the corona face masks, which of course you can do as well.

11. Watch those extreme long movies that you never had time for

12. Lose yourself in a good book! There are tons of good booklists on the internet depending on your style.

13. Roast marshmallows on your BBQ! Put them between two cookies and cover them with melted chocolate ... omg, delicious!

14. Finally, organize your mom's Tupperware collection

Do you have a mom that orders hundreds of Tupperware bowls and gadgets but somehow the lids are always lost? Time to find them and organize that cupboard.

15. Create food art! There are some nice examples on Pintrest to make some awesome art before eating it.

16. Watch a virtual concert

There are a lot of artists streaming their concerts live online for free! Check it out.

17. Go camping in your garden and put up your hammock

18. Play The Sims or any other game that brings up memories (For me: Spyfox)

19. Meditate and follow new sessions trough online classes or apps

20. Participate in the challenges of @blijfinuwkot on Instagram with daily challenges to do from home. Do one with your friends and share your version!

21. Solve a murder! You get all the clues, now it is up to you to find out who did it, with this new game.

22. Write your own memes. You can always use an app such as the new trending TikTok for inspiration

23. Join the Youth movement challenges online on their Facebook pages

24. Drink a Corona / dark humor

25. Watch AB canape TV for the latest music concerts in Belgium

26. Party from home with the Lockdown online parties! You can join the live stream together with thousands of people online. Last week Kompass club had their lockdown party and more will follow.

27. Build a lego house (if you still own them) and go for the Lego house song of Ed Sheeran.

28. Create your own scented candles. You will find many kits online, it is cheap to order and you can make as many candles as you wish, or even sell them on your online biz.

29. Create an indoor garden. The garden shops have reopened in Belgium, this is a great opportunity to bring some life to your home and create an adorable indoor garden!

30. Tie-Dye your old hoodies or t-shirts in your bathtub at home with some funky colors.

EXTRA: 31. Personalize your room with some DIY room decorations. Such as making your own leather shelves.

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