Help I'm lost in Bangkok, What to do?

Bangkok can be quite overwhelming the first time. There is a lot of traffic, a lot of different smells and a lot of noise and above all you can get easily lost. So make sure your phone has access to the internet and start discovering the city. Here are my favorite things to do in Bangkok!

1. Wat Saket

Golden Mount or also known as Wat Saket is an amazing place to visit when you're in Bangkok. Bangkok can be very noisy. If you want to skip the traffic and the crowd and are looking for a more quiet place. Well this is it!

When you arrive you will surround yourself immediately with an oasis of peace. There's a cool breeze around the Golden Mount because of all the ventilators. So if the hot weather is killing you, this is an awesome place to rest. The Golden Mount is actually a temple that houses some Buddha relics. Al lot of worshippers come every day to preach before their God. The temple is 80 meters tall. This means you have to climb 344 steps. But believe me it's worth the view! The steps are beautifully decorated with tons of statues. Make sure to take your camera on this trip and to ring the bells!