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Help I'm lost in Bangkok, What to do?

Bangkok can be quite overwhelming the first time. There is a lot of traffic, a lot of different smells and a lot of noise and above all you can get easily lost. So make sure your phone has access to the internet and start discovering the city. Here are my favorite things to do in Bangkok!

1. Wat Saket

Golden Mount or also known as Wat Saket is an amazing place to visit when you're in Bangkok. Bangkok can be very noisy. If you want to skip the traffic and the crowd and are looking for a more quiet place. Well this is it!

When you arrive you will surround yourself immediately with an oasis of peace. There's a cool breeze around the Golden Mount because of all the ventilators. So if the hot weather is killing you, this is an awesome place to rest. The Golden Mount is actually a temple that houses some Buddha relics. Al lot of worshippers come every day to preach before their God. The temple is 80 meters tall. This means you have to climb 344 steps. But believe me it's worth the view! The steps are beautifully decorated with tons of statues. Make sure to take your camera on this trip and to ring the bells!

2. Make your own StreetFoodtour

You can always book a food tour at a tour operator but I like to organize things myself so I went on a DIY- StreetFoodtour. I walked all across Bangkok and stopped at different streetfood stalls. I tried everything I could find. Streetfood is everywhere in Bangkok and it's so cheap! The first day I refused to eat it. I thought anyone eating this was insane. This food could never be hygienically ok? But the second day I tried some and I actually recommend it! I ate lumpia, pancakes, chicken, spicy rice with mango, bamboo filled with some kind of spices, ... The only thing I would not recommend is the fish. It smells really bad and sometimes the vendors forget to put them on ice and they get bad. So no fish, but YES to all the rest! If you are a daredevil you can even try out the insects.

3. Khoa San Road

All backpackers come to Khoa San Road. This street has everything! Shopping, restaurants, hotels, pools, streetfood, ... It's an amazing place with a lot to see. But it's very touristic! Please watch out for scams, vendors, thieves and overpriced stuff. But if you wants some nightlife in Bangkok this is the place to be! Khoa San Road never stops. So make sure your hotel is not located in this street or you will have a lot of noise at night.

4. TukTuk Rip Off

Bangkok is very touristic so there're a lot of scams. You will probably hear 300 times "TUKTUK?" on your first day in Bangkok. TukTuks are large scooters with a place to sit in the back. You will pay 200 baht to ride with the TukTuk to your location of choice. I took it to the Grand Palace. You know it's a rip off especially when buses in Bangkok are for free, but you do it anyway just for the experience. Riding in a TukTuk with the crazy traffic of Bangkok is so amazing yet dangerous. But if you're a daredevil make sure to ask your driver to go full speed.

5. Grand Palace

When you're in Bangkok, the most touristic thing to do is to visit the Grand Palace. Even though you will have at least five tourists in your photo, you must see this building. It's located at the Chao Phraya-river and it's gigantic. It's weird to see this building made of gold and just around the corner there are people living in poverty. But in Bangkok religion is the most important thing. You can book a tour and see all the temples of Bangkok but like I said earlier we try to organize everything by ourselves to reduce unnecessary costs.

These were my five favorite things to do in Bangkok. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions regarding Bangkok make sure to contact me.

Stay tuned, stay positive and make sure to Fly Along!

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