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Kayak Tour through the caves of Lagos

Let's take a trip to Lagos, Algarve. It is a beautiful region in the southern part of Portugal located by the sea. Algarve is breathtaking for its cliffs and caves along the coast. What I really recommend is to see them up close is to take a kayak tour!

What's the cost?

You should never pay more than 30 euros for a kayak tour. A lot of vendors will ask for 35 euros but try to negotiate. You might think 30 euros is a lot for a kayak trip and you would rather rent a kayak. But don't forget that you are entering caves and that the ocean can be wild, so a guide could be helpful to show you the right ones.

What to bring?

I love to be creative with my content, so I brought the Karma Grip, chest mount and Go Pro material to shoot the whole experience. The tour lasts about 2 to 3 hours, and you can rest at a hidden beach after the trip. So bring some sun cream, swimsuit, water, snacks, and you are good to go! They will provide you with a watertight basket to put all your equipment in.


We did the kayak tour with the Ezride company, and those people are amazing! They're experienced, kind folks and they tell you a bit of the background story of Algarve. Also if you don't like to be surrounded by other tourists, they give you a choice to be towed back by a boat or to paddle back on your own. Because we wanted some more footage, we paddled back on our own, and it was very nice to see all the caves for the second time without a crowd.

I hope you will share the same experience. If you have any more questions you can always contact me on or through Instagram.

Keep on dreaming and Fly Along!

Kayak tour through the caves of Lagos
Kayak tour through the caves of Lagos

Kayak tour through the caves of Lagos
Kayak tour through the caves of Lagos

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