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Why Benidorm is ideal for youngsters

Benidorm has a known reputation with multiple cliches and after living in the center of Benidorm for three months I can tell you, they are mostly true. In the winter months, older people and especially the British population come to enjoy the Spanish sun and stay for a longer period to relax and enjoy the many bars along the two playas. But today I want to invite you to see past these stigmas and rediscover the beauty of Benidorm the way I experienced it as a 22-year-old woman living in the heart of Benidorm. I can assure you, the city and its surroundings are perfect for youngsters!

The Hikes

I start with the hikes because if you enjoy nature as I do these walks will make you sweat and smile at the same time! I like a good challenge when I go hiking and believe me these mountains will get the best of you. The tracks are steep but so gorgeous. But even if you don't like climbing up a hill don't worry Benidorm has paths for all levels because it also has the perfect walking boulevards along the seashore.

The city is located in the region of Costa Blanca and honestly, it's one of the most gorgeous places for long hikes along the beach. You can walk or cycle from Benidorm all the way to Calpe, which is around 22 km. I did so many hikes there that I definitely want to recommend to you my favorite ones.

- From The Cross Benidorm to The Lighthouse Albir - La Sierra Helada (4 hours/ level: intermediate)

- From Albir Center to The Lighthouse Albir (2 hours / Level: easy)

- From Font del Moli to Puig Campana top ( 5 hours/ Level: intermediate)

- From Althea to Albir along the beach (30 minutes/ Level: easy)

My ultimate favorite would be a bit further down the coastline in Calpe - El Penon de Ifach. You can see this rock already from The Cross in Benidorm and it's easy to get to. (1.5 hours/level: hard). I will write a blog post soon with all these hikes in detail, how to get there with public transportation, and their locations, so you can go on your adventure!

Benidorm has a lot of means of transportation, so it's ideal if you want to do a lot of hikes to take this city as a starting point because you can go so many ways. To your right, you can go all the way to Alicante and to the left to Valencia, but you also have all the mountains right behind Benidorm that are so worth a visit.

The Viewpoints

What I absolutely love about Spain is the combination between the sea and the mountains. The Costa Blanca region has a wonderful balance between these two. What I like about Benidorm is that you are in a vibrant city where you can find everything that you need, but you still have so much stunning nature all around you. If you are a photographer or just enjoy taking pictures, then the viewpoints of this region need to be on your go-to list.

You don't need to go far to have an incredible view, there are some in the middle of the city. If you want to go for a drink, such as a delicious Gin Tonic (busted I'm a fan) go to the sky bar from the Madeira Centro hotel around sunset. When you enter the hotel go straight to the elevator and press level 20, this is accessible for everyone even if you are not a hotel guest. You will arrive at the Planta 20 Lounge where you have the most stunning view to enjoy your drink.

For accommodation with a view, I would suggest booking an apartment or hotel at the end of Playa De Levante. You are situated next to a natural reserve and this is the way up to the Benidorm Cross. Also when staying there you won't be bothered by tourists or loud music from the bars who are located in the center of Benidorm.

If you have the sea view from your apartment, the city view from the sky bar, and the Mountain View of one of your hikes, then I can tell you, you will have a breathtaking holiday!

The ever living atmosphere

This is probably the reason that combines all the above and which makes Benidorm a good choice for a holiday. Imagine, you wake up in the morning go for an incredible hike and drink a fresh-made Sangria at the top of the mountain. You visit picturesque towns around Benidorm and order a fine selection of local tapas while shooting tons of pictures. You decide to go for a drink (again: go for Gin) and watch the sunset, and what after this?

CONCERTS! There are live shows every night in Benidorm, never a dull moment! Even at night, activities continue until the sun comes up again. I'm not a big fan of pubs or nightclubs myself, but what I could do every night is going to listen to all the local artists who are offering a wide range of live concerts. My favorite bar is without a doubt "HeartBreak" located at the Playa de Levante just on the shore. We went so often that the bands knew us and they would always give us the mic and let us sing and fool around (for the record I can't sing). The drinks are a bit more expensive there than in other bars, but for me, quality goes beyond quantity. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives don't worry, the whole shore is filled with bars!

My opinion is that you should have visited Benidorm at least one time in your life for the crazy experience. You will see so many strange stings and people along the beaches that you will not stop laughing about "that time we went to Benidorm". When I talk to my chicas we still look back to this city as a wonderful experience with so many "WTF" moments and for me these memories are golden.

I would really recommend you to go see for yourself and take like a 5-day holiday to Benidorm. I am thinking about writing a 5-day miniguide to Benidorm with my suggestions on what you should visit in a week to get the full experience. What do you think? If you would like to read this, just put YES in the comments.

Thank you for reading and hope you will Fly Along!



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