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10 stunning blossom hikes in Belgium

Looking for the most beautiful blossom walks in Belgium? Around April and May, spring is really showing its most beautiful colors when the buds of the fruit trees and cherry blossoms are finally opening up, giving us a spectacle of fresh flowers. Today I am taking you all across Belgium to find the most stunning fruit trees and blossom hikes in the middle of nature.

Blossom trees Belgium

Coming from the region of Hageland, I grew up between the fruit trees, and April is definitely my favorite month in my hometown. Everywhere you go you will see beautiful flowers in the orchards and the smell is just incredible. I would recommend a lovely picnic in the middle of nature, but please don’t leave anything behind. Be respectful of nature, don’t touch the trees, but just enjoy their beauty.

blossoms Belgium

Cherry blossoms, Pear, and Apple trees in Belgium

Cherry blossoms are not the only fruit trees that produce beautiful and stunning blooms in Belgium. Pear and apple trees are also popular choices and can create equally picturesque scenery during the bloom season.

Apple trees, in particular, are widespread in Belgium and can be found in many orchards throughout the country. These trees produce lovely white or pink blossoms in the spring, which add a touch of charm to the surrounding landscapes. Similarly, pear trees produce small white or pink flowers that make for a breathtaking sight when they bloom.

Overall, Belgium is home to an array of fruit trees that offer a delightful spectacle during their blossom season, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and hikers alike.

How can you tell if the fruit trees are blossoming?

You don’t have to drive to a place just to see if the fruit trees are in bloom. Save yourself a trip and check the Blossom Meter or the Blossom Whisperer, which are two cameras that give you an update on the blossom season.

Check their links here:

Blossom trees Belgium

1. Jordaan walk

This is a walk I have been doing since I was little and although it’s lovely during every season, you will see that spring brings something even more magical. You can start this hike in Meldert at the Sint-Ermelindis church and go to Hoksem. You will pass a dozen fields of apple and pear trees, and the hike is accessible to everyone. The road is well signposted, but you can always use the app Wandelknooppunten to create your route.

These are the official signposts you should follow: Start at number 524 then go to 523 - 522 - 520 - 519 - 518 - 517 - 516 - 500 - start.

Add a little extra to your hike! While passing through Meldert you can stop at this beautiful castle. This building is actually a high school, but you can make a short walk through the gardens and discover its beauty. Address: Waversesteenweg 4, 3320 Hoegaarden

Castle Meldert

2. Walking through Zoutleeuw

A beautiful domain is ‘Het Vinne’ in Zoutleeuw. Here you will find walks for everyone, a playground for small children to teenagers, a bar, and different activities throughout the summer. It is also the start of this blossom walk. There is a big free parking, so you don’t need to worry about that. Address: Ossenwegstraat 70 3440 Zoutleeuw

For this hike, use the wandelknooppunt app and follow these numbers to complete your loop. 307 - 306 - 344 - 345 - 346 - 347 - 310 - 36 - 35 - 31 - 3 - 37 - 38 - 30 - 32 - 33 - 309 - 308 - 307.

You will come across little wooden paths, green open fields, and a part of the forest. It’s a beautiful domain with over 100 hectares of land.

Blossom trees Belgium

3. Boeslinter walk in Bunsbeek

This walk is perfect for seeing fields full of different fruit trees! Start at the Café de Herberg, Boeslinter 29, 3380 in Bunsbeek and enjoy this walk of 5 km through the Hageland and the green open fields filled with the scent of flowers.

At the café start following the Hexagonal red sign, you can easily do this beautiful walk in an hour.

Girl standing between blossoms in Belgium

4. Through the orchards of Tienen

Start at Fruit Vanhellemont at Hamelendreef 81 for this hike in Tienen. Tienen is known for its sugar but also its orchards. This hike is 11 km long, and you will come across different fields, the river The Grote Gete, and beautiful apple trees.

You can follow the rectangular red signs or the different numbers in the app Wandelknooppunt available in your app store: 2 - 20 - 27 - 28 - 211 - 202 - 201 - 29 - 200 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 20 - 2.

Blossom trees Hageland

5. Japanese Garden of Hasselt

The beautiful Japanese garden in Hasselt is a real treat during the blossom season! You will need to pay an income to visit, which you can find on their website. There are 225 Japanese cherry blossoms, also called Sakura trees in their garden which are extremely gorgeous during the blossom season.

Be careful that in 2021, the blossom season starts on 1 April and you need to make a reservation online beforehand to get a ticket. Every Sunday they have guided tours throughout the domain to learn more about the plants and the Japanese culture.

Cherry blossom tree

6. Haller Forest Brussels

The “Hallerbos” close to Brussels is well-known for the purple hyacinths, which you can find during the blossom season. The best time to visit the beautiful purple fields is between April and May, depending on the weather. The Haller forest has 3 signposted walks that you can follow, yellow which is 7 km, blue which is 4 km, and white/black for visitors with reduced mobility which is 1.8 km. Every hike is filled with hyacinths, so you can choose the path that soothes your fitness level.

It’s very important to stay on the path and not throw anything on the ground to preserve nature. There are different picnic spots in the forest with benches for a little break.

hyacinth forest

7. Music Forest Ronse

Are you looking for a less crowded forest, but with the same blue hyacinths as the Haller forest? Then the Music Forest in Ronse is a perfect place for you. Hear the music created by the wind through the leaves of the trees and enjoy a peaceful afternoon while enjoying one of these walks:

  • Music forest Parcours (10,2 km)

  • Taalgrenswandelroute (12,8 km)

  • Kabouterwandelroute (13,5 km)

  • Or with the app Wandelknooppunten follow the numbers: 58, 35, 36 en 37, these will go through the Music Forest.

These trails are signposted throughout the forest. You can download your map here.

Address: La Salettestraat, 9600 Ronse


8. Arboretum Kalmthout

In the arboretum garden in Kalmthout, you will find the most beautiful cherry blossoms from Japan. They are in bloom from the end of March until the end of April (depending on the weather). The garden is 150 years old and has a rare selection of different trees and plants. The arboretum is open every day from 10:00 - 17:00, in 2021, during the pandemic, you need to make a reservation online before entering the park.

Cherry blossoms

9. Combine the church and the blossom walk of Borgloon

Borgloon in Haspengouw is a real blossom paradise! Every year you can enjoy different guided blossom walks between the orchards and find new walking and cycling paths that are hidden between the trees. If you are looking for a challenge, you should participate in the Nature Urban Trail or the Blossom Run, which are 2 races that are organized by the inhabitants of Borgloon.

If you plan a visit to Borgloon, you shouldn’t miss out on the beautiful sight of the “Reading between the lines” church, which is magnificent at sunset. Address: Grootloonstraat 2, 3840 Borgloon

Ready between the lines church Borgloon

10. A sunny walk in the blossom sea of Alden Biesen

Alden Biesen is a real treat during blossom season because this place has the largest public standard orchard in Western Europe. Put your walking shoes on or take your bike and choose between endless picnic spots in the colorful flower fields. I can recommend following the blue rectangles for a small hike of 4 km that starts from the parking of Alden Biesen.

Cherry blossoms

Belgium is a fantastic destination for nature lovers and hikers who want to witness the stunning beauty of fruit tree blossoms. While cherry blossoms are the most well-known, pear and apple trees are also popular and widespread throughout the country, providing equally breathtaking views during the bloom season.

The ten hikes mentioned in this article offer a great opportunity to experience the blossoming of fruit trees in some of Belgium's most picturesque locations. So, grab your hiking boots, plan a trip to Belgium during the bloom season, and get ready to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Read more about Belgium or have a look at my Instagram account where I share a lot of must-see destinations and as always:

Keep on exploring & Fly Along



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