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A Belgian travel blog for travel lovers who are looking for local experiences across the world on a small budget.


Featuring travel guides, local tips, and the healthy habit of traveling.

As a female traveler, I encourage everyone around the world to seek adventure and spread their wings. 

For me traveling is much more than discovering new places, it is a global education that gives you the knowledge to connect with people on another level.

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Why Traveling is a healthy habit

  •  Traveling is one of the best ways to improve your personal growth

  • It strengthens your knowledge of the world

  • Traveling is also a form of education that can't be taught in school

  • You discover new cultures and new food

  • It improves your health by reducing stress

  • It opens your eyes to beautiful things that you didn't know existed but also to global problems

  • Traveling connects you with like-minded souls and creates meaningful relationships

  • Travel is adventure and adventure is the thrill of life 

Things to experience

Backpacking through a country

Talking to the local community

Meeting like-minded people

Eating the best local food

Discovering yourself along the way

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