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5 Beautiful Snow hikes at Baraque de Fraiture

No better place in Belgium for a great snow hike than at the Baraque de Fraiture! This is the first place where snowflakes will fall and will leave a white carpet for you to walk on. Put on your hiking shoes and get ready for a magical winter day with these 5 beautiful snow hikes at Baraque de Fraiture in the Belgian Ardennes.

Baraque de Fraiture

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Hiking at Plateau des Tailles

Baraque de Fraiture is the second-highest point in Belgium with an altitude of 652 m making this the central landmark for the Plateau des Tailles and a great place for a snow hike. The Plateau is a natural reserve covering the Natural Park of the Two Ourthes, the Amblèves rivers, and different forests.

My favorite walk here is the “walk of the Fagne Sacrawe'' with multiple info boards about the fauna and flora of the region. The path goes through forests, villages, and Fagnes but the best part is the one on these little wooden bridges which are perfect during snowy days because they prevent you from slipping. This hike is for everyone, especially with kids, and is 5 km.

From Baraque de Fraiture to Malempré

Looking to skip the crowds and go your own way? Start at the Baraque de Fraiture, ignore the overcrowded ski slopes, and start your trail to Malempré. A beautiful little village in the valley down below.

You will need to follow the red squares to Malempré or you can decide to do the hike backward. Park your car for free at the church of Malempré (where it will be less crowded than at the Baraque) and enjoy your hike.

Hiking at Baraque de Fraiture in the snow

This hike is a bit harder than the one at the Plateau des Tailles because it's a bit uphill. The total hike is 13 km. When hiking to Malempré you will cross the highway with an overpass for fauna which is a lovely experience. If you go early in the morning, you may see the footprints of a deer.

Snow hike at Baraque de Fraiture Belgium

Don't forget to stop at the St-Martin farm for some delicious homemade products of the region on your way back. A real treat! And while you're in the area, don't miss the chance to discover the 6 Must-See Places around Baraque de Fraiture.

These attractions will add an extra layer of charm to your visit, showcasing the diverse beauty of the region. From historic landmarks to hidden gems, these are some of my favorite places in Belgium.

Snow hike in the Ardennes

Hiking around the ski slopes

Want to have some winter fun? Throwing snowballs, playing with the sled, and rolling around in the snow? Why bother to do a gigantic hike when actually everything you came for is already there!

Start your hike at the ski slopes and follow the green arrows for an easy hike of 5 km to the village of Fraiture and come back up through the ski slopes.

There is free parking at the ski slopes of the Baraque, but be there early in the morning, as they tend to be full by the afternoon.

Tip: Buy your sled before coming because the prices on site to buy one are really expensive.

Start at the Auberge du Carrefour restaurant

At the roundabout of the Baraque de Fraiture, you will see a restaurant called The Auberge du Carrefour. It's a delicious restaurant where you can eat an amazing meal after your hike. I should know because I worked there for a while!

At your right, you have a wooden info board. Follow the yellow rectangular for an easy hike of 5 km through the fields and forest of the region. You will end your hike at the ski slopes of the Baraque.

At Baraque de Fraiture you can enjoy a splendid view at the end of your hike. Belgium has a lot of other stunning viewpoints. Together with other Belgian Travel Bloggers I made a list of the 10 Stunning Viewpoints in Belgium.

These viewpoints offer breathtaking panoramas and allow you to soak in the natural splendor of the country. Consider visiting some of these viewpoints during your stay at Baraque de Fraiture to elevate your snow hiking experience.

Snow hike at Baraque de Fraiture

Hope you will enjoy these snow hikes! I lived at Baraque de Fraiture for 2 years and I have done these hikes a dozen times. Don't hesitate to ask me anything if you need more info on my contact page.

Read more on Discover Belgium for more outdoor adventures in Belgium. Explore the diverse landscapes and discover other captivating trails across the country.

Keep on exploring & Fly Along!


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