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10 stunning viewpoints in Belgium by Belgian Bloggers

Looking for the most magnificent panoramas of Belgium? Fly Along partnered up with several Belgian bloggers to bring you the best viewpoints in Belgium.

Conquering your fear of heights by climbing a rock in the Ardennes, sweating after 366 steps to the top of the Belfry of Bruges, or stretching your legs for a walk at Park Furfooz? It’s all worth it to lay your eyes on these views, so let’s discover them together.

The Herou Belgium
Viewpoint The Hérou

1. Magical view from the castle of Bouillon

Bouillon Castle towers over the magnificent city of Bouillon and from really everywhere in this stunning medieval town you can see its magical appearance. The fun thing about this place is that there is not just one but many viewpoints from where you can see wide and far.

The higher you go, the better the panoramas get of course! While you are looking at the quaint medieval village or the thick forests nearby, you might feel like one of the falcons living here. They also give a show multiple times a day, so make sure not to miss this.

By the way: if you are in Bouillon, you should also climb up to the Belvedere just a little bit further. From there you get stunning views over Bouillon and its castle too.

📍 Esplanade Godefroy 1, 6830 Bouillon

Viewpoint over Bouillon
Viewpoint over Bouillon

2. Viewpoint at the Bec Du Corbeau

One of the most beautiful viewpoints over Vielsalm is the one at the Bec Du Corbeau. This hike of 5 km is accessible for everyone and will give you a splendid view over the green plane fields of the Ardennes.

You can start your walk at the free parking, and take the path to the right all the way straight until you see the sign of the Bec Du Corbeau.

A nice little extra for young and old: there are often lovely goats running around on the fields, they are extremely friendly and will come to you if you give them some treats.

📍 Neuville Haut 120, 6690 Vielsalm

Viewpoint Bec du Corbeau
Viewpoint Bec du Corbeau Ardennes

3. Rocher du Hat

If there is one viewpoint in Belgium I highly recommend and which is not yet very known, it’s the one you find at Rocher du Hat in Chiny. On top of this big rock, you get a stunning view over the Semois river.

Especially during the fall season, it’s worth the trip. The surrounding woods are colored every tone of yellow, orange, brown, and green and it gives an extra dimension to the -ever beautiful- view.

📍 Coordinates: P8PC+7R Chiny

Viewpoint Rocher du Hat
Viewpoint Rocher du Hat

4. Magnificent view after 366 steps at The Belfry of Bruges

One of the most splendid views is at the top of the Belfry of Bruges. Start sweating because after 366 steps you will be totally out of breath but so happy when you have a 360° view over Bruges. The entrance fee is around 10- 15 euros and the people at the entrance are extremely friendly!

📍 Markt 7, 8000 Brugge

Viewpoint Belfry of Bruges
Viewpoint Belfry of Bruges

5. Viewpoint over the Silent Path in Westouter

The Westhoek knows how to surprise us again and again. After all, behind each corner, you’ll find an immense beauty that allows you to slowly slide along the slopes of Heuvelland hills. The Silent Path ( Stiltepad) starting in the village of Westouter is our stunning viewpoint.

Flirting with the French border, the walking path invites you to quiet down and listen to your breathing, the rustle of the trees, the chirping of birds, and the babbling of a little creek. Along the way, you should definitely stop at the haikus of poet Geert de Kockere.

📍 Stiltepad 8954 Westouter

Viewpoint Westhoek
Viewpoint Westhoek

6. Viewpoint while walking to castle Rheinhardstein

Ready for an amazing walk? Start at the restaurant of 'Le Moulin du Bayehon' and follow the green signs towards the castle of Rheinhardstein. After 5 km you will start to see the castle in the distance which is beautiful during any season!

You can also visit the castle and have a drink on their terras to rest before going to the second viewpoint which is the Nez of Napoleon. Be careful at the edge of the rock, it can be quite slippery but it gives you a real rush to see the beautiful forest, castle, and hills of the Ardennes.

📍 Route du Bayehon 64, 4960 Malmedy

Viewpoint castle Rheinhardstein
Viewpoint castle Rheinhardstein

7. Panoramic view at the Hérou

"To be honest. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would definitely pick another country other than Belgium. I'm an outdoor and nature lover. I miss the mountains or a tropical beach. A place that feels like 'home'. In the Belgium Ardennes, I’m completely in my element.

Surrounded by forests and nature. I would pick the natural park of the Two Ourthes as one of my favorite spots in Belgium. The view from The Hérou is rugged and magnificent!" - Rani

📍 Rue du Hérou 61, 6660 Houffalize

Viewpoint Le Hérou
Viewpoint Le Hérou

8. Hidden Viewpoint Castle Walzin

If you want to see castle Walzin from another angle then this hike is amazing! Park your car at Rue du Bois de Baileu and walk towards the Lesse river. You will cross a bridge over the railway and arrive at the castle. The hike I did was rather short around 5 km but you can also park your car in Falmignoul and do the 10 km. It's about 1h10 to the castle from the little village.

📍 coordinates: 6W9F+9M Dinant

Viewpoint castle Walzin
Viewpoint castle Walzin

9. Parc de Furfooz

Parc de Furfooz is a big enclosed parc close to Dinant. With the entrance money, they maintain the area. Here you really get rewarded with breathtaking views and hidden gems inside the parc, so it’s definitely worth it! Be sure to check out the different caves, rocks and have lunch by the river. A day well spent!

📍 Rue du Camp Romain 79, 5500 Dinant

Viewpoint Park Furfooz
Park de Furfooz

10. The hike of the Barrage de Nisramont

For everyone who loves an adventure, I would recommend the hike of the Barrage de Nisramont. This 14 km walk is full of staircases, up and downhills, rivers, bridges, and much more action.

Don't want to do the 14 km? The first magnificent viewpoint is only 2 km away from the start of this hike, at one of the few bivouac spots of Belgium. This bivouac place is so neat! Put up your tent at the river bank and enjoy a little campfire while roasting some marshmallows.

Start the walk at the free parking at the barrage and follow the red signs.

📍 Nisramont, 6983 La Roche-en-Ardenne

Viewpoint Barrage de Nisramont
Viewpoint Barrage de Nisramont

I hope you enjoyed these 10 magnificent viewpoints in Belgium and if you want more articles about Belgium feel free to follow my fellow bloggers as well or discover more Belgian bloggers and continue to read about beautiful travel stories!

Keep on exploring & Fly Along!



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