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Hiking at Plateau des Tailles on Baraque de Fraiture

Looking for a beautiful hike in the region of Vielsalm, La Roche-en-Ardenne or Manhay? Then I would recommend heading to Baraque de Fraiture and start a family-friendly hike of 6 km on the beautiful Plateau des Tailles.

Where to start?

Baraque de Fraiture is the second highest point of Belgium with an altitude of 652m making this the central landmark for the Plateau des Tailles. The Plateau is a natural reserve covering the Natural Park of the Two Ourthes, the Amblèves rivers, and different forests.

My favourite walk here is the “walk of the Fagne Sacrawe'' with multiple boards giving you information on the fauna and flora of the region. The path goes through forests, villages, and Fagnes but the best part is the one on these little wooden bridges which are perfect for everyone.

You can park your car for free at these coordinates 7Q26+2V Vielsalm which you can open in Google Maps. This is a safe parking and you will immediately find the information board for the hike as well as the signs to follow.

Where to go?

You can easily follow this signposted walk by following the boards with the blue and white cross. When you arrive at the parking you will see the wooden duckboards and this is the start of the hike.

If you want to take a shortcut you can also take several alternative roads to shorten your trip and make the hike easier.

Tips & Tricks

  • Distance: 6 km, easy and perfect for kids

  • What to bring: good walking shoes and binoculars to spot the birds

  • Accessibility: Perfect for an all-terrain stroller

  • Food: you can make a stop at the Baraque de Fraiture for delicious Belgian fries

  • Dog-friendly hike

  • There are a lot of information boards about the fauna and the flora of the Ardennes

Are you looking for more existing things to visit during your stay at Baraque de Fraiture? Discover these 6 must-see places in the area.

Looking for more inspiration regarding hiking, trips, what to do in Belgium and abroad? Follow my Instagram page @fly_along and discover more adventures.

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