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Discover the Top 9 Diving Spots in Belgium

When it comes to diving destinations, Belgium may not be the first place that comes to mind, but this charming European country has hidden treasures waiting to be discovered beneath its waters. From freshwater quarries to coastal dives in the North Sea, Belgium offers diverse underwater experiences for divers of all levels. Let's explore the 9 best diving spots in Belgium.

Best diving spots in Belgium

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Zilvermeer Mol

Located in Mol, Zilvermeer is a beautiful freshwater lake that offers divers a serene and picturesque setting for exploration. Its clear waters and submerged structures make it a delightful spot for both beginners and experienced divers. Various paintings and sculptures can be admired on the pond's floor in the 'Underwater Park of Fine Arts.'

Reservation needed: Yes

Maximum Depth: Approximately 30 meters (98 feet)

Address: Zilvermeerlaan 2, 2400 Mol, Belgium

Zilvermeer Mol Diving in Belgium
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De Put van Ekeren

Just outside Antwerp, De Put van Ekeren is a popular freshwater diving spot. This quarry features crystal-clear waters and an underwater playground with 4 statues for divers to explore. You can find statue "Amphora", statue "Buddy", statue "Buste" and statue "Piranha" at the beginning of your dive as seen on the map. In the clay walls surrounding the Put Van Ekeren, you can find between 6 and 9 meters of fossil sea shells.

Reservation needed: Yes

Maximum Depth: Approximately 25 meters (82 feet)

Address: Putsebaan 200, 2180 Ekeren, Belgium

Diving Put van Ekeren Belgium
Picture Guido Wouters
Diving Put van Ekeren Belgium

Carrière La Croisette in Rochefontaine

Carrière Rochefontaine is a notable diving site located in Belgium. Unlike natural cave systems, it is a former quarry from the 1980's that has been filled with water, creating an underwater environment for diving enthusiasts to explore. The quarry is characterized by multiple plateaus at varying depths, providing opportunities for divers of different experience levels.

These plateaus are situated at depths of -22 meters, -26 meters, -36 meters, -40 meters, -43 meters, and -52 meters. Divers can explore the steep, vertical walls of these plateaus, which are often adorned with marine life.

Carrière de Rochefontaine Diving in Belgium
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Exploring the Treasures of Carrière de Rochefort

When you venture beneath the crystal-clear waters of Carrière de Rochefort, you'll find a submerged world teeming with fascinating sights waiting to be discovered. This former red marble quarry, now transformed into an underwater playground, offers divers a unique and captivating experience. Don't forget your diving lamp to dive in the depths of this quarry.

1. Complete Derrick (Accessible at -4m): At just -4 meters, you'll have the opportunity to explore a complete derrick, with its cabin accessible to intrepid divers. The derrick's towering boom stretches over the 45-meter expanse of water, and its anchor point rests on the plateau at -22 meters.

2. 1929 Tugboat (Located at -36m): A piece of maritime history awaits at a depth of -36 meters, where you can find a 10-meter-long tugboat dating back to 1929. This relic from the past is a testament to the industrial heritage of the quarry.

3. Hawker-Hunter Fighter Jet (Dated 1957, at -6m): For aviation enthusiasts, a remarkable sight awaits at -6 meters. There, you'll encounter a Hawker-Hunter fighter jet that once soared the skies in 1957. Now, it peacefully rests beneath the quarry's surface, a striking contrast to its former glory.

4. Polyester Sailboat (Located at -26m): A submerged world with surprises at every turn, including a polyester sailboat resting on the plateau at -26 meters. The sailboat provides an eerie yet captivating sight, surrounded by the tranquil underwater environment.

5. Porsche Rear End (Hanging at -15m): At a depth of -15 meters, an unexpected sight awaits divers—an automobile's rear end hanging on the quarry's wall. It's a testament to the quarry's intriguing past and the unique underwater artifacts that can be discovered.

6. Worker's Gondola (Located at the edge of the -6m plateau above -43m): A relic from the quarry's industrial days, a worker's gondola used to transport laborers to the quarry's depths can be found at the edge of the -6-meter plateau, overlooking the abyss that plunges to -43 meters below.

7. Diverse Tools and Pulleys: As you explore the quarry's depths, you may come across various tools and pulleys, remnants of the quarry's former operations. These artifacts offer glimpses into the past and add to the allure of the dive.

8. Training Car (Placed for Firefighter Exercises at -3m): Near the water's surface at -3 meters, you'll find a car strategically placed for firefighter training exercises. It serves as a unique and challenging element for divers honing their skills.

Reserve your diving spot on the website of the Carrière.

Diving in Belgium


Todi, located in Beringen, is a one-of-a-kind experience in Belgium. Todi is an innovative diving center that provides a controlled environment for divers to explore underwater attractions, including a sunken town, in a former quarry that has been transformed into an indoor diving pool.

Reservation needed: Yes

Maximum Depth: 8 meters (26 feet)

Address: Be-MINE Boulevard 1, 3582 Beringen, Belgium

Nemo 33

Nemo 33 is one of the deepest indoor swimming pools in the world, located in Brussels. While not a natural dive site, it offers a controlled environment for training and practice, making it an ideal spot for divers honing their skills.

Reservation needed: Yes

Maximum Depth: 8 meters (26 feet)

Address: Rue de Stalle 333, 1180 Brussels, Belgium

Barrage de l'eau d'heure

The Barrage de l'eau d'heure, situated in the picturesque region of the Ardennes, offers divers an opportunity to explore a submerged statue, car, helicopter and other fascinating underwater structures. This location is a gem for those looking for both adventure and history.

You can dive at diving zone A and B. Diving in the 40m depth zone is only possible from the CPBEH boat. The boat is only available on weekends and holidays and by prior reservation

Reservation needed: Yes

Maximum Depth: Approximately 43 meters (141 feet)

Address: Centre de Plongée des Barrages de l'Eau d'Heure 6440 Froidchapelle

Diving Lac de l'eau d'heures Belgium

Breydon Widgeon

The Breydon Widgeon, a steel trawler, was first explored by recreational divers in the year 2000. This sunken vessel is adorned with a rich tapestry of sea anemones, tube worms, and kelp.

Remarkably, it remains in an upright position on the seabed, remarkably well-preserved. In its previous life, the Breydon Widgeon served as a trawler and safety vessel for offshore installations.

As a dive site, it offers a relatively straightforward experience. The wreck's depth doesn't exceed 25 meters, visibility is excellent, and navigation is uncomplicated, making it an ideal choice for aspiring North Sea divers.

The Breydon Widgeon lies off the shores of IJmuiden in the North Sea, accessible exclusively by boat. It's classified as a propeller-driven trawler with a length of 28.5 meters. The Breydon Widgeon is a dive site intended solely for wreck diving enthusiasts.

Reservation needed: Yes for the boat

Maximum Depth: Approximately 25 meters (82 feet)

Address: Ijsmuiden North Sea

Diving at an old shipwreck

La Gombe

Located in the Belgian Ardennes, La Gombe is a serene freshwater diving spot surrounded by lush forests. This former stone quarry boasts majestic cliffs that ascend dramatically from the water's surface.

Here, the underwater visibility is exceptional, and the site is teeming with a diverse range of fish species, thanks to stocking efforts. Additionally, the quarry bed is adorned with various fascinating artifacts, including a fighter jet and a tank. To uncover hidden treasures like pipes, caverns, a mirrored surface, and a diver's bell, simply follow the guide line provided.

Reservation: Yes

Maximum Depth: Approximately 30 meters (98 feet)

Address: Chera de la Gombe 2 A, 4130 Esneux

La Gombe Diving place Belgium
Picture from duikersgids.n


This diving site is nestled within the historic confines of an aged marble quarry, tucked away in the picturesque village of Vodelée, near Philippeville.

In days gone by, this quarry echoed with the sounds of excavation, yielding the coveted pink and gray marble. Occasionally, fragments of this rich history remain submerged beneath the waters, offering glimpses of its past glory. The quarry's depth is 40 meters, revealing a hidden world waiting to be explored.

Vodelee Diving in Belgium
Image from

Beyond the remnants of its industrial heritage, the quarry has become a captivating underwater playground. Divers can uncover a treasure trove of deliberately sunken objects that add allure to their subaquatic journey. Among the underwater artifacts lie airplanes, towering grain silos, meandering sewage pipes, a quaint little boat, and more. Many other intriguing objects await discovery at depths below 18 meters.

While a diverse array of fish species has been introduced into this quarry, most of them tend to thrive above the 5-meter mark.

Reservation: Yes

Maximum Depth: Approximately 40 meters (131 feet)

Address: Route de Gimnée, 5681 Vodelée

Vodelee Diving in Belgium

Which diving suit to buy when diving in Belgium

Diving in Belgium can be quite chilly, so choosing the right diving suit and equipment is essential for your comfort and safety. Water temperatures in the region typically range between 10 and 17°C (summer-spring-autumn). In these conditions, a well-fitted wetsuit or semi-dry suit should keep you warm during your dives.

However, if you plan to explore waters colder than 10°C (winter) or if you tend to feel the cold quickly, it's advisable to opt for a drysuit.

Complement your choice of diving suit with warm neoprene gloves, a hood or cap, socks, and either diving booties or dive boots to ensure full-body coverage and insulation.

Diving suit Belgium

Belgium's diving scene may not be as well-known as some other destinations, but it's a hidden gem waiting to be explored. From freshwater quarries like Zilvermeer Mol and De Put van Ekeren to historic shipwrecks in the North Sea and cave systems like Carrière La Croisette and La Roche Fontaine, Belgium offers a diverse range of diving experiences for enthusiasts of all levels. Ready to undercover the Belgian underwater world?



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