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About Fly Along

My name


My favorite spot

Near the ocean

Favorite drink

Gin Tonic

Languages I speak

Dutch, French and English


to Fly Along!


I'm Emeline, the writer behind this travel blog. As someone who loves to travel and explore new cultures, I'm thrilled to share my adventures with you.

With over 25 countries under my belt, I've experienced firsthand the joy and wonder of immersing oneself in a foreign land. From the bustling streets of Colombia to the tranquil beaches of Bali, each destination has its own unique charm and beauty.

But what I love most about traveling is the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life. Whether I'm chatting with locals at a street market or dancing salsa with fellow travelers, there's always something to learn and discover.

That's why I started this blog. I want to inspire others to travel more and open themselves up to the world around them. And if you're hesitant to take the leap into solo travel, I'm here to show you that it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

So join me on this journey as I share my travel tips, stories, and photos. Let's explore the world together and make unforgettable memories along the way.

Where was your first trip to?

My inaugural journey took me to the far side of the world in 2017, all the way to Indonesia. It was an extensive trip that lasted approximately one month, during which I carried my trusty backpack (which I still cherish) and explored various destinations. My itinerary included stops in Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, and the Gili Islands. Interestingly, it was in Indonesia that I unexpectedly got my first tattoo, a story I'd love to share another time. This incredible adventure marked the inception of my passion for travel

Do you travel full time?

I did! But unfortunalty Covid took my job away from me. I was a tour guide and every 4 months I switched destinations, so I could see a lot of the world while working at the same time it was a dream. Nowadays I am building this blog to have that freedom again to travel full time, but I am not there yet.

Do you always travel solo?

No, because funny story... While I was traveling alone for 5 months trough South America I met my boyfriend at a hostel in Colombia. We talked on the phone for the whole time that I was traveling solo and when I came back to Belgium we met up (he lives in the Netherlands) and we started our long-distance relationship. So I will be traveling more often with my partner from now on.

Where are you currently located?

I live in Belgium. Read more about my beautiful (underrated) country!❤️

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