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Hiking at the Hérou in the Ardennes

Today, I am going to take you on an amazing trip alongside one of the steepest rocks in Belgium. The view is breathtaking and once at the top, you won't even recognize Belgium. Come and enjoy the beautiful viewpoints with your family and friends.

Different variations

The Hérou is a gigantic rock with a length of 1400 meters that runs vertically upwards from the Ourthe in Nadrin in the Belgian Ardennes!

The nice thing about this hike is that you have different routes that all come together at the top of the Hérou. The hike I am offering you today is a shorter version suitable for everyone.

You can choose your starting point either by starting in the village of Nadrin and park your car near the church or by driving down the street and enjoy free parking at the former restaurant 'le Bélvèdere' as I did. From there on you walk downhill towards the start of the Hérou hike.

Presentation of the walk

During the autumn months, you have to be very careful about the hunting season. Everywhere in the Ardennes between October and November, you'll see flyers with the date when there's hunting in that area. It is very important not to ignore these flyers and not to venture into the woods when there is hunting going on. Hereby the website to all dates when the Hérou is not accessible. The Hérou walk is beautiful during every season! Just make sure to wear good non-slip waterproof hikingshoes during winter to keep a good grip on the rocks.

The Hérou during autumn Belgium
The Hérou Ardennes during winter

The most beautiful panorama of the Ardennes

The short walk I want to show you is marked with green rectangles. Keep following this symbol during your walk. First, there is a steep drop of 300 meters after which you can enjoy two flat kilometers along the Ourthe until, at the end of the trail, there is another rise of 300 meters towards the parking. In total, you walk four kilometers in the beautiful nature of the Ardennes.

While you are walking down those first 300 meters, I advise you to go off-road for a while. You will see at several points that there are paths leading to the top of the rock on your left. Trust me when I say that the most amazing view is hidden behind it. If you are looking for a nice place to take a picture, this is THE panorama of the Ardennes.

The top of the Hérou is well represented when the arrow with the green rectangle sends you to a dead end. This is the official view over the rock. Below, you can hear and see the Ourthe flowing between a colorful forest of yellow and green. Of course, this point is always the busiest, so I recommend you hike up before and enjoy the view all by yourself.

The Hérou Nadrin
The Hérou Ardennes
De Hérou Ardennen

The brightly colored trees along the Ourthe

Now that you have hiked down to the bottom, you will come across the most brightly coloured trees along the Ourthe during the autumn season. From bright yellow to fiery red, everything is magical. The water is also much higher during autumn and winter which will create little waterfalls, giving the Ourthe a wild side. The hike is fairly flat from here, but knowing the Ardennes there are always some rocks to climb over.

The Ourthe Ardennes
The Ourthe Ardennes

After a good kilometre along the Ourthe, the road bends to the right and you start climbing again towards the parking. You pass pine forests, fields and end up in the village. Here you can turn left towards the church or turn right if you found the parking near the old restaurant, like I did.

Practical info

This hike is not recommended for children under the age of 7 year's old because there is no possibility to bring a stroller and the rocks are also quite difficult to climb for smaller children.

If you have a dog, he or she will love this hike, as they can play in the river and run freely on the path (if trained of course).

Address restaurant parking: Rue du Hérou, 6660 Houffalize

Address parking church: Rue de Houffalize 3, 6660 Houffalize

Address Hérou rock: Rue du Hérou 61, 6660 Houffalize

I wish you an amazing time at the Hérou. This is my favorite walk in the Ardennes and I hope you will enjoy it too! If you do, tag me in your stories and as always:

Keep on dreaming & Fly Along

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