Travel Guide: Explore Albania in 7 days

A week of vacation! Only seven days before our daily duties will need our attention again. You may think that seven days are not enough to make a trip but I will prove you wrong. How to visit the most beautiful places in Albania in 7 days!

First day - Arrival at the Capital

You will probably arrive in Tirane, the beautiful capital of Albania. When you arrive at the airport you will see different car rental businesses. Check them out and convince them to give you a better price than the previous stand. If you like to bargain, Albania is your country! We discussed the price for 5 minutes and got a good deal.

We paid 100 euro’s to rent a 4x4 car for 7 days, if you travel with some friends or family you can easily split the costs. I would recommend renting a 4x4 because of the bad condition of the roads in Albania. There is one highway connecting all of Albania but all the other paths are gravel roads.

Albania Llogara pass