3 must-see places near La Reid with natural slides, viewpoints, and a cradle

Belgium is seriously underrated! The country has amazing places that just need to be discovered. During this global pandemic it is clear that without a vaccine, international travel will be a challenge. That’s why I encourage you to do some sightseeing in Belgium and visit our beautiful green nature. The Ninglinspo is my go-to place to use the natural slides of the mountain river and hike in an enchanting forest with a viewpoint at the end.

La Reid

La Reid is a little village in the province of Liège in the high Ardennes. This village is the epicenter of multiple walking routes and the perfect place to start your walk towards the Chaffour, the Charmille, and the Ninglinspo. Three amazing places to visit here on a day trip.

La Reid

Le Chaffour

Le Chaffour is an old quarry at the edge of the wood established in a stunning vale. The wall on your right is 9 meters high and can be perfect for rock climbers. The wall has multiple cracks that can give you support during the climb. My friends abseiled the rock a few times last summer.