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Is Airalo Worth Buying for frequent Travelers? (2023)

Are you a frequent traveler tired of struggling with expensive roaming charges and unreliable internet connections? I have been there.

Arriving at the local airport and not knowing whether to buy a sim card at the desk, which will definitely be overpriced, or wait until the center, but not knowing how to book your Uber in the meanwhile.

Well, since I am traveling with Airalo, I no longer have these problems. I have internet everywhere I go from the moment I land. Let's dive into this Airalo review, discover what Airalo is, its services, and why it's a great choice for frequent travelers.

eSIM card Airalo

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What is Airalo?

Airalo is a mobile service that offers travelers access to data plans while they journey across different countries.

Instead of getting a new SIM card in each destination or dealing with pricey roaming fees from your home provider, Airalo provides travelers with a solution to stay connected without breaking the bank.

I remember while traveling for 5 months through South America, I had six different SIM cards and it was always a problem in each country to get access to their internet.

For example, in Brazil, you need to connect your social security number to your new SIM card. So basically when you are not Brazilian you can't get access to 4G. Which was a real struggle. I hopped from Wifi-hotspot to Wifi-hotspot for weeks. That's when I decided to look for an alternative and ended up with Airalo.

Atacama Desert data reception
It works even in the most remote places
Argentina data internet plan
Like really remote places

What does Airalo provide?

Airalo's primary service revolves around offering international eSIM plans. An eSIM is like a virtual SIM card that you can download to your phone without needing a physical card.

This means no more worrying about losing tiny SIM cards or having to swap them out when you enter a new country.

The process is super simple: all you need is a compatible eSIM-supported phone and the Airalo app. Browse through their wide range of data plans tailored to suit different travel durations and destinations, select the one that fits your needs, and you're ready to go!

No more looking for a pin or an earring to open your phone to switch cards, it's digital and easy.

eSIM card vs normal SIM card
You'll never need an earring again

Why Airalo is a good choice for Frequent Travelers

  • Cost-Effective: The prices are cheap on Airalo and often much cheaper than what you'd get from scammers around the airport of your new destination.

  • Flexibility: Choose the data plan that matches your travel duration. There's no need to commit to long-term contracts or worry about getting locked into a plan that you won't use later. I always bought too much data in South America, I was afraid that I was going to go somewhere too remote to get access to a new data plan if it ran out. In the end, I paid way too much, with Airalo I only pay what I need.

  • Global Coverage: With Airalo, you get access to a wide range of data plans in numerous countries worldwide. This extensive coverage ensures you stay connected in most destinations, even in remote areas.

Atacama data connection with Airalo
Internet in really remote areas

  • No Physical SIM Card Needed: As mentioned earlier, Airalo's eSIM service eliminates the need for physical SIM cards. This convenience saves you time and effort, especially during hectic travel days. And God knows you are going to get some of these days during traveling! I can't even remember all the times I was on the edge of crying with my heavy backpack on the floor.

  • Easy Activation: Using Airalo is a breeze. After purchasing a data plan, simply activate the eSIM through the app, and you're all set to enjoy data services immediately. It literally takes a minute while you are waiting on your luggage to arrive on the baggage belt.

Airalo eSIM card

Positive Aspects of Airalo

  • Affordable data plans for international travel

  • Flexible options to choose plans based on travel duration

  • Extensive global coverage in many countries

  • No need for physical SIM cards, reducing the risk of losing them

  • Easy activation through the Airalo app

  • Convenient and time-saving, especially for frequent travelers

Negative Aspects of Airalo

  • Limited to eSIM-supported devices; not all devices may be compatible

  • In some countries, local SIM cards may still offer cheaper options for data

  • Data speeds may vary depending on the network partner in each country

  • In case of technical issues, customer support may be challenging in certain regions

Airalo review eSim card

My personal opinion

Airalo is according to my travel expertise undoubtedly a game-changer for frequent travelers.

No more stress about finding a SIM card the moment you land, no more looking for a pin or earring to open your damn phone, no more struggle to keep your home SIM card safe while using the one abroad (and in the end still lose your home SIM-card).

Airalo eSIM

It's digital, easy, and ready in a few minutes. Why have it the hard way when you can be stress-free on your first day in a new country? Airalo is worth buying and has convinced me, let's see if you too will join this new era of convenient, affordable connectivity everywhere you go.



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