Beaver spotting in Belgium - Achouffe

Ready to see something amazing during your day trip through Belgium? Let's go on a walk through the Fairy Valley in Achouffe. Here the beavers, who are amazing architects, have built enormous dams and have changed the river completely. If you are quiet you will even be able to spot them!

Beavers in Belgium

Recently the Belgian government decided that beavers should not be hunted anymore and should be reintroduced in Wallonia because of the richness they bring to the diversity of a forest. By allowing them to return to their natural habitat, the beavers create large dams that change the course of the rivers. By doing this, they are making the soil moist again and allowing other plants, which have normally disappeared from our biodiversity in Belgium, to live again.

Beaver in Belgium
Photo by Tim Umphreys on Unsplash

The hike

Start at the brewery of Achouffe, here you will find a big free parking lot and different information signs to start your walk. You have multiple paths starting at the brew