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5 places in Belgium that make you feel like being abroad

1. Gravensteen Gent feels like Germany

This big castle in the city center of Gent is Gravensteen. The place looks like it might be in Germany who is also famous for its castles but Belgium can certainly compete with it. You can enjoy many activities in the castle and the castle visit is worth your while.


Address: Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Gent

2. Lavendelhoeve feels like the French Provence

The "Lavendelhoeve" in Limburg will make you feel like you are visiting the French Provence. The vast lavender fields are beautiful to visit along with a beautiful natural park. You can buy different lavender products in the shop and have a taste of the Provence.

Address: Lavendelhoeve, Olmenbosstraat, Hasselt

3. Japanese tower Brussels feels like Asia

On the outskirts of Brussels are three unique buildings, the Japanese tower, the Chinese pavilion, and the museum for Japanese art. There is a beautiful garden all around the buildings, giving you the sensation of the Far East. The buildings are a symbol of the cultural and economic relations between Europe and the Far East. A mini-trip to Asia was never this close by.

Address: Van Praetlaan 44, 1020 Brussel

4. Sahara of Lommel

Did you know Belgium had a mini lookalike desert? It’s called the Sahara of Lommel. The vast expanse of sand looks like a miniature desert. It’s a beautiful place of nature that includes lakes, forests and a desert. The best part? You can hire a hammock at the entrance of the natural park to hang in the trees. A nice day assured!

Address: Lommelse Sahara, 3920 Lommel

5. Noir Flohay

Noir Flohay is a rather strange place in the “Hoge Venen”. Around 1950 this pine forest was burned by successive fires. This is what remains of the forest, giving it a desert-like look. You can visit this place by doing a beautiful hike of 12 km through the forest. The hike starts at the Signal the Botrange. Best is to wear waterproof shoes because the area can be quite swampy.

Address: Noir Flohay 4837 Baelen

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Keep on dreaming and Fly Along!

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